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Sengled manufactures Residential and Commercial lighting products with security cameras, sound systems and other smart features such as, emergency backup, motion and wifi, products include, LED replacement lamps for traditional incandescents and T8 fluorescents, as well as Troffer and Wallpack LED Fixtures.



DE Lighting is a leader in the development, production and marketing of high quality, energy-efficient Indoor and Outdoor LED lighting products such as panel lights, tube lights(T8),bulbs, high bay lights and street lights.

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ATREAS LIGHT & POWER is proud to represent and sell the following Commercial, Residential, Indoor and Outdoor products. By having a diverse offering we ensure that our clients are always offered GOOD, BETTER, BEST SOLUTIONS to meet every design and budget requirement. ​

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We are continuously adding partners in order to provide our customers with the best possible solutions, please check back often for additional product options. 

PAC Lights is a manufacturer of Commercial LED Fixture and High Wattage LED Replacement Lamps, products include, Area, Wallpack, High Bay, Low Bay, Canopy, Parking and Garage LED energy efficient fixtures as well as Retrofit Lamps and Kits replacements for incandescent, CFL and HID (metal halide and high pressure sodium).  

Feit Electric is an innovative manufacturer of energy saving lamps and fixtures for both Residential and Commercial applications, products include: LED, CFL, Halogen, HID, Vintage and Grow Lamps, Retrofit Kits, String Light Sets, Flashlights and Bath & Vanity, Ceiling, Under Cabinet, Night Lights, Utility, Yard and Wall Fixtures.


Touche Lighting Controls manufacture a fully customizable line of touchscreen switches, self-calibrating sensors and intelligent control solutions for Commercial buildings such as control panels, emergency control and integrated solutions for existing budding management systems. (authorized agency representatives for WI and WY)

BGLighting offers a complete line of LED replacement lamps for both Commercial and Residential use, including traditional incandescent replacements, MR16, Par, Candelabra replacements as well as T8 linear replacements and a select number of LED fixtures.

Energetic Lighting is a world leading manufacturer and developer of energy efficient lighting products: full line of CFL, T5, LED Lamps, T8 LED Tubes, HID LED and CFL replacements as well as as Commercial and Residential, Indoor and Outdoor LED, T8 and T5, Surface Mount, Strip, Wrap, Vapor Tight, Troffers and High-bay and Low-bay Fixtures. 

LGI Technology designs and manufactures innovative high quality lighting lighting products, LED replacement lamps for incandescent and T8 and HID, LED Panels, Commercial and Industrial LED Fixtures; Troffers, Floods, Area, Wallpacks, Linear, Parking, Canopy, High-bay and Low-bay. 

Sigma Luminous is a manufacturer of LED Fixtures and Retrofit Solutions, fixtures include, High Bay, Low Bay, Flood, Area, Wallpack, Canopy, Garage, Roadway, Troffer and Color Tuning as well as Retrofit Lamps and Solutions for 2x2, 2x4 Recessed Troffers as well as replacements for 30-1000 Watt HID. 

Snap Power manufactures innovative Residential and Commercial receptacle replacements with built in LED Nightlights and USB Chargers that require no wiring, simply snap in and renovate your space with the latest technology. 

UPLANDS Energy, Inc., provides leading edge LED Industrial Grade Products, including; HID, Incandescent and Halogen Lamp Replacements as a variety of fixtures, Wallpacks, High and Low Bay, Parking, Roadway and Solar. 


 2C Technology a US based manufacturer of exceptional quality Indoor and Outdoor LED lighting products; Panel, Bar/Stick, Flexible Strip, Linear Office, Canopy and Flood Lights.   

Digital Lumens manufactures Intelligent Indoor LED Lighting fixtures; High-bay, Low-bay and Linear as well as a line of complete controls and software solutions, which deliver up to 90% energy savings while providing for building intelligence and integration.

 Dynaluxx specializes in high frequency motion and daylight controlled LED Indoor and Outdoor Fixtures; Ceiling, Linear, LED Panel, Sconce, High-bay and Low-bay.